I have an MP3 collection with different kind of ID3 versions in each file. It looks like they are not synchronized by Banshee. I need the tags to be synchronized because my MP3 player displays a different tag than my Banshee.

Is there a tool that synchronizes these tags automatically so that all versions are up to date?

asked 13 Jul '10, 07:07

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EasyTag can probably do what you want. It's very flexible and powerful, and is designed specifically for keeping ID3 tags organized on a large set of MP3 files.

It is a package in in Debian and Ubuntu, and probably in other distros too.


answered 14 Jul '10, 13:04

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Neil Mayhew
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EasyTag is very nice, but I don't know how to synchronize the tag contents between the version. Any hints for me?

(15 Jul '10, 13:33) guerda

@guerda: Sorry, no. I've used it, but not for the sort of thing you're trying to do. However, it did look like it should be able to do it. If you find it useful, maybe you could add a comment here mentioning how it worked for you. This will be useful for other visitors in the future.

(23 Jul '10, 05:18) Neil Mayhew

I recently found something out:

Only one version of ID3 can be written into an MP3 file, not several versions at once.
This totally breaks my complete syncing approach.


answered 23 Aug '10, 18:40

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You could also look at Python Audio Tools:


If you're comfortable with the command line, they give fine-grained control of MP3 tagging.

Good Luck


answered 14 Jul '10, 13:54

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Hm, very interesting, but I'm not very keen on writing such a tool... isn't there a simple solution out there?

(15 Jul '10, 13:33) guerda

I've found eyeD3 quite useful because I was able to use it in my scripting language of choice to clean up ID3 tags on mass in my entire mp3 collection.


answered 15 Jul '10, 07:47

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Hi Guerda, as mentioned Easytag is a good choice. It doesn't have a specific command to synchronize the tags, but it does upgrade old tags to new tags, and if your MP3 player supports V2 tags (which most do now anyway) you can uncheck the option to save V1 tags in easytag preferences.

You can then rescan your files, and save them to apply the new tags.


answered 19 Jul '10, 12:47

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