So far I have been using openoffice to view rtf files, but I have found it to be slow and heavy on my system.

Are there any other softwares that can enable me to view these rtf files? I am looking for something light.

Moreover, is there anyway to convert rtf files into html? I think viewing html files is easier than viewing files in any other format.

I am not looking for a rtf editor. My interest is in just viewing them.

Kindly help me in this regard. Thanks for your time.

asked 14 Jul '10, 15:10

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Well I searched myself too and found these two softwares that serve my need very well.

FBReader for viweing RTF files
It is basically an e-book reader which supports a variety of formats, including RTF. Its light weight and perfect for viewing files.

unrtf for coverting RTF to html
This can convert RTF format to other formats. I tried converting few of my RTF files into html and it worked flawlessly.


answered 15 Jul '10, 11:28

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Please remember to select an answer, even if you're providing it yourself.



(15 Jul '10, 17:46) rfelsburg ♦

Sure! Just waiting for the 24 hour wait limit to pass. Then I will mark it as solution. Thanks

(16 Jul '10, 13:13) user-729

I use ted often but I also use Abiword (even though it is not a viewer). Abiword allows you to save as HTML and other formats. It looks Open-Office only allows XHTML but I'm on version 2.4.

I have searched for rtf converters but have been unsuccessful (most of them are for windows-based machines).


answered 14 Jul '10, 16:15

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I would recommend ted, it's the best light weight app I've found for rtf's.

In terms of converting them to html, you might look into DocFrac

I know it can be used from the cli, and offers rtf2html.

Lastly there is a php converter out there called rtf2htm

it's located at

It doesn't look like it has been developed recently, but it worked when I looked into it.



answered 14 Jul '10, 15:44

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I second AbiWord. I personally use OpenOffice (like you do), but AbiWord will work and be much lighter on the demands than OO is/will be.


answered 14 Jul '10, 17:50

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