I've got this problem: i start the netbook (Asus EEE PC) with Ubuntu installed along with Windows XP and i want to boot from the USB Stick with some other LiveUSB distro. Unfortunately After i push the power button i see the grub menu immediately, so I can't change the boot device in the BIOS. What should i do with it?!

asked 21 Apr '10, 16:43

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(20 Apr '11, 13:42) rfelsburg ♦

It is the same on the 701 model. As soon as you see the Asus splash screen hold down the ESC key. It will list the drives it detects and you arrow down to the one you wish to boot from and hit ENTER. It would be helpful if you told us your model. Cheers from Guelph Ontario.


answered 03 May '10, 22:12

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how is that? it's impossible, there's always a BIOS menu.

Did you try del,F2,F12, etc?

What model do you have?


answered 21 Apr '10, 17:21

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I'm surprised as well. I tried all the keys possible - no effect. It's really less then a second that the GRUB shows up and before that - no key works. I will check the model of the netbook as soon as I will come back home (tomorrow evening).

(21 Apr '10, 18:07) trzewiczek

Press F2 while booting. It should bring it to the BIOS screen. Change that to Boot from USB

Haven tried myself. Took it from the first hit of my "Asus EEE PC access bios" google search.



answered 21 Apr '10, 21:36

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On a EeePC 900 the magic key is "esc" a soon as the power is on - that brings up a separate boot menu.


answered 03 May '10, 21:50

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Aye, it's the escape key AS WELL AS the boot options in the BIOS.

See http://wombatdiet.net/2010/05/09/ubuntu-10-04-on-asus-1000-eee-pc/

(13 May '10, 12:30) PJO
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