I'm considering installing Linux on my home PC, which is essentially my wife's PC. She really only uses for Web Browsing, Email (via a Web Interface), for our family photos (Picasa is what she currently uses). If I were to get her on the Linux Bandwagon, what distribution do you recommend? We have Athlon Dual Core machine with 6 gigs of RAM and a 500 MB hard drive.

I'm currently leaning towards the following:

  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • Fedora 12

I've heard StudioUbuntu is good as well which may be the logical course based on her current use.

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asked 16 Jul '10, 18:31

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Studio is good, but not ideal for this particular case. Linux Mint is the way to go.

(16 Jul '10, 20:47) Ron ♦

In the end, decided to go with Linux Mint.

(07 Sep '10, 20:34) Andy

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Personally I would recommend Linux Mint. You literally have to do nothing, just install it and you have everything the basic user would need. No searching around for codecs, flash or any of that stuff. Just a nice stable OS with a good range of basic software.

I have read several people comment on the fact a clean install of Mint is like like having an Ubuntu installation you have spent a couple of weeks with.

You can find it here.

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answered 16 Jul '10, 19:05

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Out of those two picked by you, I would recommend Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Fedora gives you a bit of a headache until you make it usable(drivers, codecs, etc) but after that it's quite nice and it works great. Ubuntu is much more stable and faster, and besides that, it is much easier to install drivers(nvidia, wireless) java JRE runtime or SDK adobe flash player and reader.

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answered 16 Jul '10, 20:13

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Booboo 1
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Agreed. I'm also biased I admit, to the Debian-derivatives than I am to Red Hat and it's derivatives. I know it;s all Linux underneath the hood, but Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS are great, but just not for those new to Linux.

(16 Jul '10, 21:46) Ron ♦

I was going to also mention Linux Mint. It really is the best choice for this particular situation. I promise you won't regret it.

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answered 16 Jul '10, 20:46

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Ron ♦
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Hi, Andy, also take a look at the Linux distribution flow chart. :)


PCLinuxOS and Mandriva are also good choices.

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answered 18 Jul '10, 19:41

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Great Link and Flowchart!

(19 Jul '10, 19:17) Andy

One more vote for mint, because I migrated a lot of my friends on it and there aren't any problems. When I used Fedora I had a lot ot problems...

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answered 17 Jul '10, 08:38

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Run away and be careful of even looking at RPM-based distros they are not for normal users I tried to use openSUSE it is very difficult compared with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. They are very easy and you get support in less than an hour.

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answered 19 Jul '10, 19:26

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I'd advice also to go with Mint, Peppermint, SimplyMEPIS. They all perform a great install, are great at hardware detection, easy to use and a very nice UI.

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answered 25 Aug '10, 09:21

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With your bias towards ubuntu and all that RAM, a desktop environment is of little concern to you, it would seem. As such, I would start with Mint and peppermint then, if one would like to broaden his horizons gradually, go with a Debian-based distro like MEPIS. Next mini-step would warrant delving into binary-only Debian like sidux.
For Fedora, check out Xange! In any event, welcome and have fun! Go Cubbys!

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answered 17 Jul '10, 03:06

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any mainstream version of linux will do. It is just a graphic display, perhaps one needs to get used to.If called to plumb for one then maybe Fedora or suse but then choice is important.


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answered 17 Jul '10, 12:42

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The North Texas Linux Users Group has an installation project that meets every month. If a LUG near you has something similar, take your computer to them and let them install the Linux they prefer.

They'll also update the software of your choice to the latest versions and check the installation.

Regards, Bill Drissel

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answered 18 Jul '10, 01:49

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Bill Drissel
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