Hi everyone, I'm in need of a linux alternative to Steganos Locknote, (a program used to store sensitive information). I need to access the SL document on my ex-Windows harddrive through my UBUNTU live cd.

asked 18 Jul '10, 09:59

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(20 Apr '11, 14:13) rfelsburg ♦

If you're looking for the ability to decrypt a locknote file, through linux, you can try getting steganos to run under wine, but I really doubt it.

If it is a file that has to be opened with locknote, I would recommend bringing up a windows VM, installing locknote there and decrypting your files through it.

Once they are decrypted I would use some other sort of crypto software that is open source so it doens't matter what platform you're on.

There a number of programs that will encrypt files/filespace for you.

You can something like TrueCrypt, and set up a partition/container that is encrypted. Once you mount the container like you would any filesystem any file you save on that container is encrypted.

You can use individual file based encryption in openssl, or gpg/pgp.

openssl des3 -salt -in infile.txt -out encryptedfile.txt

Or if your looking for personal info encryption, passwords, phone numbers etc, I would recommend KeePass.



answered 18 Jul '10, 18:58

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Thanks, Rob! Guess that's what I deserve for not using fully portable software! I'll try the VM version, thanks!

(18 Jul '10, 19:36) Terminally-ill

I know this is an old thread, but there's little else available by searching google.

Firstly, Locknote will run under WINE, but for some reason, it doesn't appear to save edited notes.

Secondly. I find using the "Secure Notes" part of "Lastpass" to do the job. Encryption (and the key) is done (stored) locally while the encrypted data only is sent to the cloud. It's safe as only you know the key.




answered 31 Jan '12, 15:44

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Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't use TrueCrypt on Linux since you can just encrypt the file system using native tools to so the job.

As for the program you use, not sure because I've never used it. I personally use MyPasswordSafe (Linux) and PasswordSafe (Windows) since they can use the same exact database -- and that database file is completely portable. Just copy it like any other file. (It's also encrypted, but no big deal to copy it as it is.)


answered 01 Feb '12, 17:00

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