Does anyone know of an alternative to Symantec NetBackup on Linux or is there an Open Source Alternative?

asked 25 Jul '10, 22:31

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(20 Apr '11, 14:12) rfelsburg ♦

I would highly recommend Clonezilla with a DRBL server setup. This can not only backup, but also push out images over the network. The one caveat is that it's not good to use with servers because those need to be online and working, so you'll need some other way to do those since Clonezilla does not support live imaging.

Another option would be to use dd, since this is essentially what Clonezilla does (only with a nicer GUI). There's also G4L, Ghost For Linux, which may be another option, but I don't believe it has the network support that Clonezilla does.

The key to doing backups/imaging, especially where databases are concerned, is to make sure that the backups are byte-for-byte, bit-for-bit EXACT duplicates.



answered 26 Jul '10, 19:38

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Something like this may be what you are looking for:


answered 25 Jul '10, 22:47

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partimage-server - server to use partimage across a network
partimage - backup partitions into a compressed image file
bacula - network backup, recovery and verification
backuppc - high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up PCs

5 Free Linux Backup Solutions

Linux Online - Category: Administration / Backup


answered 27 Jul '10, 09:43

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