I would like to replace windows CE on a ARM926 processor netbook with a linux distro

asked 17 Aug '10, 03:24

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(20 Apr '11, 14:28) rfelsburg ♦

Any distribution that has an ARM port should work for you. If you cannot find a Linux distribution that suits your needs (although I don't see this being an issue), I would suggest trying out OpenBSD and/or NetBSD.

Here are a few distributions that have ARM support (excluding ARMedSlack, as it was already mentioned):

Honestly, though, I have never installed an ARM-based distribution before, nor have I installed an ARM port of NetBSD or OpenBSD.


answered 17 Aug '10, 18:22

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I'd look into ARMedslack:



answered 17 Aug '10, 13:44

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im currently using an Efika MX SmartBook(i.mx 515 cortex a8) running a custom kernel and tailored Ubuntu 10.10. I will say i love this machine as a development and learning platform. I am new to both linux and the arm architecture, so i have perhaps gotten myself in over my head. The support comunity for the linux distro for the Efika MX SmartBook are provided through a highly active manufactuer/developer/user comunity that i(being as uninformed as i am) find to be quite useful. I know fellow users have ported other distro's such as Open SuSe for this machine and even Sugar. I do wonder if these are specific for this machine, or would they run on other ARM systems. I have yet to fully understand kernel devlopment and its implications to the OS running on top of it, but all good things in all good time.

@bert: is that the via8505 processor you have? that one ive read alot about in the android tablet community with little sucess getting a useable linux distro on it. i suspect a jtag programmer would be needed to get even the lightest of linux on it. a place to look that could be helpful: plugapps.org. mainly dedicated to plug computers but has info on a few distros for arm machines with limited resources. if you make any headway, please share. i currently have a 'project' tablet with the wm8505 in it id like to see linux on.


answered 02 May '11, 00:02

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You can have a look at Android.


answered 17 Aug '10, 09:03

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Which ARM netbook have you got?


answered 18 Aug '10, 11:50

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+1 for armedslack (Slackware ARM)


answered 15 Sep '10, 16:10

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InTel 2
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