Red Hat runs on an HS21 but does not yet support that new a kernel. Fedora's OS is not supported for the HS21 blades. I have been unable to find information regarding other linux distributions and the HS21.

I didn't try these myself; an IT person did. He says he tried 5 different LSI Logic SAS disk device drivers with Fedora and none of them worked. He also tried installing RHEL 5.5 and downloaded the latest kernel source code, but could not get the boot process to the login prompt.

Is there a distribution that supports kernel 2.6.31+ easily on an HS21, or a known way to get there?

asked 25 Aug '10, 17:57

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You'll need to recompile the drivers against the newer kernel version before booting into the newer kernel. The source packages for LSI Logic's drivers are available from their website.

If your IT department is having this much difficulty with the newer kernel version, I'd suggest trying to get the results you desire from the kernel upgrade without the kernel upgrade, as many packages may need to be rebuilt from source.


answered 06 Sep '10, 00:04

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The kernel upgrade is necessary. This project involves building device drivers, and that requires the host operating system is at the same kernel version.

(15 Sep '10, 18:02) uninformed
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