Is there any multi-boot loader available for Linux(ubuntu) as primary OS? Because need to run Ubuntu, Solaris and Red-hat on same machine.


asked 26 Aug '10, 07:20

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Cyril Sebastian
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Solaris 10 and newer bundle an enhanced version of Grub as their bootloader so either use that one to boot all of yours OSes or chainload Linux grub should you want something specific only available with it, if any.


answered 30 Aug '10, 10:20

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Were it just Ubuntu and RedHat, I would say just use Grub. But throwing Solaris in there makes things a bit funny.

Try GaG


answered 26 Aug '10, 16:52

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What's a bit funny ? Solaris bootloader is precisely Grub too.

(09 Sep '10, 07:59) jlliagre

True. I just recall having the hardest time getting Solaris' Grub to work with anything but Solaris. Maybe I just wasn't doing something correctly.

(09 Sep '10, 15:13) indienick

Does not really get funny until 146:

I always have 4 or 5 versions of linux running on my laptop - with the latest windoze (which the ADware companies infest so the manufacturer can give it to us for FREE)


  1. until you get the hang of things - install windoze first - as you get better you will not need to worry about this rule. Windows was not made to share, even with it own family of windoze.
  2. make your boot loader boots to the partition in which the OS is installed - not the the master boot record - also something you will not need to worry about as you get better.
  3. AND MOST IMPORTANT: make about half your drive your boot partition and use in to create important directories. These important directories can then be soft-linked to the home directory of your various linux installs. Thus whichever linux you are in, if you save to home/me/Pictures for example, then Pictures is actually a softlink to /boot/me/Pictures. AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT it is easy to upgrade, reinstall or change distros because your important information is just a soft link - the data stays in /boot - and only the link is destroyed.

Have fun - and work with this guys article - it is very good!


answered 26 Aug '10, 17:56

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