Running Slackware13.1, 160gb ata Hdd for single box multiple servers. How do I configure Lilo when I want to install /boot, / , /swap on partitions outside the LVM system? Do i still need to create an intrid image to put in lilo? Would like to try out a variant of the following partitioning scheme (originally by dotcoder for link text:

160GB disk /dev/sda, then my partitioning scheme will be:

/dev/sda1 -- 256MB -- /boot

/dev/sda2 -- RAM*2 -- swap (swap size actually varies, no more then 4GB for RAM>=2GB)

/dev/sda3 -- 1 or 2 GB -- /

/dev/sda4 -- Physical Volume for LVM <-- Is this extended Partition?

Then I create a volume group (VG) on /dev/sda4 and the following logical volumes (LVs):

home -- size depends -- /home

usr -- 8GB -- /usr

var -- 8GB -- /var

tmp -- 1GB -- /tmp

If you are on server, you may create additional LVs for www, mysql storage. Treat VGs as (virtual) disks and LVs as partitions. link|flag

answered May 18 at 17:32 dotcoder

Secondly, say I format /dev/sda1 /boot (512m), /dev/sda2 /swap (1280m), /dev/sda3 /(5gb), initially using 60gb , still I #pvcreate the entirety of /dev/sda4- LV /usr, /var, /var/lib/mysql, /var/mail/spool,/usr/local, /home, /tmp leave rest empty and i can grow data LVMs later?? So first fdisk P sda1,sda2, sda3, Extend t '8e' sda4 - sda5.. on for lvms??#pvcreate /dev/sda4 - all?

This is the reason I want to put /boot and / outside LVM system:

Unless you know LVM really well never put your root partition on LVM. It complicates recovery. If the system is unbootable then after booting from a recovery disk you will find out that your LVM disks are not visible. For many sysadmin at this point cold goes down the spine. I have read many tutorials like this but none detail how to setup /boot, / and whether an intrid is still required, in my case for LILO.

Since I posted these questions have been looking closer at O'Rielly Lilo and boot process but no answer to what may be seen as too basic to answer by the savvy linux gurus? lol Thank you in advance.

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This is how far I've gotten setting up both /boot and / using Lilo during Slackware13.1 install process. fdisk /dev/sda -> n, p, /dev/sda1 512m for /boot: n, Extended the rest of disk, /dev/sda2; n, l, /dev/sda5 1280m for /swap; n, l, /dev/sda6 8G for /home;

n, l, /dev/sda7 2G for / ;

I then chickened out of the LVM goal creating regular logical linux partitions: n, l, /dev/sda8 8G for /usr ;
n, l, /dev/sda9 10G for /var; n, l, /dev/sda10 30G for /var/lib/mysql; n, l, /dev/sda11 5G for /tmp;

Installed software to targets. Configured Lilo: 1. create new lilo, 2. configure lilo, 3. (Here is where i was stuck) Choose the boot partition - what i did not realize was they were asking for "What Partition was designated as the / " ... so in this case it was /dev/sda7. Now I can put / where ever I need to. Did not continue with LVM Setup because I am still not clear on whether I setup all my /dev/sdn partitions first 't' them to 8e fs then do the lv create after software installation?


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