I try to set mysqldump to crontab but for some reason it's not working. maybe it's too long? I tried to put it in /etc/crontab and crontab -e mysqldump --default-character-set=utf8... how can i fix that?

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Does running that exact command from a command prompt as the user whose crontab you're putting the command into run correctly and without any user intervention?



answered 27 Apr '10, 18:45

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I'm not sure about the size of the command line. I would create a small shell script with the command you want to call mysqldump and place that script in cron.daily (weekly/montly/ etc)

and you would also be able to the script in crontab file with a shorter command

Also, I would check if the user you are assigning can has enough permissions (like permission to write the output file )


answered 27 Apr '10, 23:02

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Plus you can check if your command works without worrying about crontab, by just calling the script from the command line.

(28 Apr '10, 12:17) Amos

Can you elaborate how is not working?

On personal experience I was hit by cron running as a different user that assumed. You may want to try

su -l USER -c mysqldump --default-character-set=utf8...

a different problem I also had was that the first run took longer than the cron interval, in fact short-circuiting the backup. You may want to run the first backup from the command line and check how long it takes.


answered 29 Apr '10, 00:34

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Even if the command runs as the same user in crontab as in real life, the environment may be initialized differently when cron invokes the command. For example, $PATH may be missing the directory that contains mysqldump.


answered 03 May '10, 14:14

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Try this script from Sourceforge: AutoMySQLBakcup, it works great, is easy to setup and maintain.


answered 25 Aug '10, 08:45

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