I have just installed Ubuntu 10.04 and the OSPFD software. Trying to compile OSPFD simulator is failing and is the all reason I am trying to patch up the patches as per instruction the web site included below. The instructions reads:

For each fix a diff file is included that can be used to update the source distribution using the patch utility. To apply a patch, change to the top-level directory of your ospfd distribution, and then type patch -Np1 < patch_file, where patch_file is one of the patches contained in this directory. (http://www.ospf.org/ospfd-patches/index.html)

Patches must be applied in order. They were produced using diff -Nabur old_dir new_dir.

I have tried to to do as intructed but I am having problems reading as:

simon@simon-desktop:~/0201309661_CDROM/ospfd$ ~/Desktop -Np1 < patch1.1 bash: patch1.1: No such file or directory

Please, can anyone help.

asked 25 Nov '10, 09:31

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Ok, it looks like the file "patch1.1" is not in the directory ~/0201309661_CDROM/ospfd.

First, you did download patch1.1 from ftp://ospf.org/ospf.org/patch1.1, right?

Second, you need to move it from your Downloads directory to ~/0201309661_CDROM/ospfd

Then, run the commands

cd ~/0201309661_CDROM/ospfd

patch -Np1 < patch1.1


answered 18 May '11, 14:41

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