This thread is for the subject and discussion of primarily two things:

1) How to get more users to this site/

2) How to keep all users, new and existing, to actively participate in this site's messages.

Please see the thread below for what inspired this thread, but comment here please in regards to these 2 topics.

asked 26 Jan '11, 18:35

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I did not follow instructions (what LxUser does?) I ended up answering this question under /1479/. Go see my answer there.

--Best to all


answered 29 Jan '11, 04:16

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Regarding the first point, the usual ways of spreading the word come to mind. With our new solution-repository idea as mentioned under /1479/ and our change to a new service, there's quite a "reboot" to write about. So:

  • Blog about it
  • Twitter about it
  • post in according Forums

If we're lucky, the story gets picked up by good RSS-Feed-Providers like Linux Today.

In my opinion, the second point will solve itself after the changes mentioned in /1479/. If the site looks like it's being actively managed, and new questions/solutions get posted continuously, new users will come and stay.

Edit: I just had another idea regarding the problem with questions never being marked as answered and getting pushed by the community bot. Why not grant some users the ability to vote an answer for questions that they didn't create, in addition to having the right to vote to close them. This would solve a lot of problems regarding motivation and cleanup.

If this is established, a mailing list for administration/moderation would be appropriate.


answered 04 Feb '11, 14:35

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