So yesterday I used a USB stick to boot up to Ubuntu for the first time. I can connect to the internet with a cable, but when I try to use the same device in wireless mode, I cannot connect. My wireless router security code is 64 bit, but Ubuntu, under the security dialog box apparently only recognizes 128 bit security codes. Is there a way to log on other than redefining the security code of the wireless router?

asked 26 Mar '11, 11:31

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Elad Lending
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Sad fact is that even changing the security definition to 128 bit did not help; I still cannot log in wirelessly. Frustrating.


answered 26 Mar '11, 16:06

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Elad Lending
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Have you tried installing ndiswrapper at all?


answered 28 Mar '11, 14:04

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Ron ♦
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Try to reset the wireless router, and then log in to set the 128 bit security codes.


answered 30 Mar '11, 02:32

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Well, being a long-time Windows User, and feeling a little out-of-my-element with Ubuntu, I installed Linux Mint on my ASUS Eee PC Netbook using a virtual CD, and after downloading ndiswrapper (again) and playing around with it for a while, I did succeed in logging on to my wireless router! In theory it should work the same for Ubuntu, but I've not yet decided which route to take. The netbook I'm playing around with is for my mother, and I'm not sure what would appear less threatening to her, a complete and total newbie on ANY computer! But there is still one major hurdle to cross: I must be able to log on to her computer remotely, and I've so far been unsuccessful, but all that is not to the point here. Thanks to all who gave of the time to try to help me connect up wirelessly! I was very close to giving up entirely, but now, feeling like I've made little progress, I'm not ready to give up yet.


answered 31 Mar '11, 07:03

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Elad Lending
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And how do I mark this as being answered?

(31 Mar '11, 07:03) Elad Lending

You can accept one of the answers by clicking the checkmark next to it (with the mouseover text of "mark this answer as the accepted answer").


(31 Mar '11, 14:53) jeremy ♦♦
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