This computer is for my mother. I'm engaged now in trying to set it up for her before I bring it to her. I'm a newbie to Ubuntu and Linux - this is an experiment to try to set up a relatively fool-proof computer for her. In addition to the two other probems that I've listed here, I must be able to connect to her computer remotely, and from a computer that works on Windows 7, in order to take the plunge into Ubuntu and Linux. "Logmein" does not, according to the Logmein people, work on Linux. But I understand that there is a way to do it. Can anybody help with this?

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The easiest way is TeamViewer, which is free for personal use. When you install TeamViewer and run it for the first time, a permanent ID # will be created for that PC, like 045 1245 365 and every time it's launched, that will be the same ID, however the temporary password will change. Good news though... you can set a password to be the same every time, so all mom has to do is launch the application, and since you'll know the ID and password, you can just connect. TeamViewer is free for non-commercial, personal use, and it works on Mac, Linux and Windows PCs.

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answered 28 Mar '11, 14:01

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If you just need to access the terminal you can setup ssh. If you need a full desktop, you could use a vnc server (linux) / vnc client (windows)


answered 04 Apr '11, 10:20

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