No idea why, but after updating the flash plugin, all videos play twice as fast. No idea how to fix this, have tried reinstalling several times.

asked 03 May '10, 20:44

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Some Guy
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rfelsburg ♦

I'm guessing you want some advice, but all you've done so far is state that Flash runs twice as fast after your update. You might want to rephrase it to ask a question. Plus can you give us some details about versions etc.

(03 May '10, 20:55) Amos

Please accept an answer, or provide more details on what you're looking for.

(14 Jun '11, 11:45) rfelsburg ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Drive by with zero details or follow up." by rfelsburg 04 Jul '11, 23:25

where are you getting the plugin from try getting it from adobe's actual site. has it, select .rpm for linux or yum for linux (i find rpm files easier than YUM lines)


answered 04 May '10, 01:01

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William Shipely
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I had trouble sorta/kinda like this but with Ubuntu. All video played at about double speed with no sound. Finally fixed it by deleting '.pulse' from my home directory. After a restart, the directory came back on it's own and everything was fine.


answered 13 May '10, 23:27

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We need more details. What version of Fedora are you running? 64 bit or 32 bit? I've had no problems with flash in Fedora 12 or 13 x86_64. I'm using the alpha 64bit plugin from adobe labs.

Use that for 64bit Fedora.


answered 13 May '10, 14:40

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