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asked 30 Mar '11, 15:33

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jeremy ♦♦
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edited 11 Apr '11, 10:10

I can't login normally, so I have to create the temporary login link, which I did, and then I reset my password, which I did, then I logged out and tried to login with my normal username and password vs the link, and it does not work. Help.

(30 Mar '11, 16:58) Ron ♦

Ron, the above post appears to have come from your account. Are you still unable to log in?

(31 Mar '11, 10:47) jeremy ♦♦

I am currently logged in - via a temporary link - and I've stayed logged in, so yes, I am in, but also yes, the problem still exists where if I log out I must use a temp link to get back in. I cannot login with my normal username and password like I normally did on the old site. I even reset my password on this site, stil lcan't login normally and I must use the temp link.

(31 Mar '11, 13:42) Ron ♦
(31 Mar '11, 14:49) jeremy ♦♦

I see my profile and the way to reset my password, so I did that. I'll log out and back in using my account (normally), if I can.

(31 Mar '11, 15:30) Ron ♦

Ok, that didn't work. I reset the password as noted above, can't login normally and I get this error when I attempt to.....

"Login failed. Please enter valid username and password (both are case-sensitive). This user is not a valid user

External login services use OpenID technology, where your password always stays confidential between you and your login provider and you don't have to remember another one."

I'm not using any external service because I'm attempting to login to the site normally. This issue never occurred before the site migration --- only after it.

I had to login via a temp link, which after login told me to "fix my authentication issues"

(31 Mar '11, 15:36) Ron ♦

Can you try resetting your password again?

(31 Mar '11, 15:55) jeremy ♦♦

no change. Same problem.

(01 Apr '11, 18:21) Ron ♦

I'll have to look into this further - the database entry for your account now looks okay.


(01 Apr '11, 18:23) jeremy ♦♦


The password reset has now worked for the only two other members who have reported an issue. I've sent you an email, let me know if this fixes your issue.


(03 Apr '11, 18:13) jeremy ♦♦

Jeremy, still no change. I've even rebooted, vacuumed my sqlite database in Firefox, cleared the cache, et all, and all to no avail. I still cannot login to linuxexchange directly with my normal username and password. I still can only login with the temporary login links.

This issue did not ocurr until the website migration. Is it permissions? Am I the only one with the issue? I really need some help resolving the issue as it is on your end of things. (I experience the same issue even on another machine.)

H -- E -- L -- P

(04 Apr '11, 10:43) Ron ♦

Hey! I've got the same problem Ron does. Furthermore, my nickname got changed to "jazz 1".

(07 Apr '11, 17:13) Jazz ♦

Ron's issue turned out to be that he was using his email address instead of username when trying to log in. I've updated your username. If you still have an issue logging in, let me know.


(07 Apr '11, 20:48) jeremy ♦♦

Thanks, jeremy, it works now. Still, could you change my name to "jazz" again? I don't really like the " 1" prefix. If that doesn't work, please change it to "j4zz".

(09 Apr '11, 06:50) Jazz ♦

Your username has been changed to Jazz.


(09 Apr '11, 14:01) jeremy ♦♦
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It looks like everything is stable at this point. I'm now interested in any suggestions or feedback any members may have on how we can improve the site and get more participation. It's also likely we'll need to tweak some of the OSQA settings and reputation thresholds - feedback on that is welcome as well. Thanks.



answered 04 Apr '11, 16:11

jeremy's gravatar image

jeremy ♦♦
accept rate: 37%

They key here is to Promote or Perish. Promoting the site is good and done properly, it will get the people here; however, once they are here, then what? What makes THIS place different, unique, worth coming to (or coming to more often) than say StackOverflow, Ubuntu Forums or any other website?

Think of it this way.... thing of this site like a restaurant, it's great if 1,000 people come in the door, but if they don't buy any food because it's not great, unique, tasty, or if there just plain isn't any food to purchase, well, getting all those people in the door is worthless at that point.

get them in and keep them in, that's the key. They may not spend their money here, but they are spending something infinitely more valuable, rare and irreplaceable......their time. Making a million dollars is easy when compared to making more time. You can only shift your attention and focus, your scheduling, but you cannot create more time.

I think some proper SEO work is needed. This in itself is a voodoo science that takes an expert to properly execute.

If you post on another message board, have the URL to this place in your signature as the more posted it is at various sites and threads, the more link-backs we have coming here, the better for the search engines and also for people to directly find us via those links.

tons of other ideas that many books have been written on, to the point I could make a ton of posts filling each one with matter on any given subject.....and I'm no expert, just a businessman.


answered 08 Apr '11, 11:24

Ron's gravatar image

Ron ♦
accept rate: 13%

So what would you recommend in terms of promotion of the site? I'm curious from a business standpoint.

(11 Apr '11, 10:53) rfelsburg ♦

From on onsite SEO perspective, most things are already properly done here at LE (useful meta data, no duplicate content, consistent URI's, etc). While things like linking from your .signature elsewhere may help a little, I find that kind of thing is a bit overrated. The most important thing we can do is continue to create solid, useful information. This will bring both search engines and more importantly more participating members. From there growth will be natural. Creating and answering common questions will help here, but I'm open to additional ideas.


(11 Apr '11, 13:56) jeremy ♦♦

I already have LE linked in my LQ account, and I know LQ even has a top link that points to LE. While I know lots of people do it, but it might be nice to have a tutorial section, or are we aiming at the whole site be a tutorial section. Thoughts?

(11 Apr '11, 15:03) rfelsburg ♦

Tutorials should stay at either LQ or the LQ Wiki. This site is meant to be strictly Q&A and I'd consider that one of its differentiators.


(11 Apr '11, 16:02) jeremy ♦♦

Thanks for the response, these subtle differentiations do make a difference.

(11 Apr '11, 16:11) rfelsburg ♦

There seems to be a bug, where the old google openid no longer works, you have to use a temp link to get in, then re-associate the google login with your account.

Bug, feature, api change?

Not sure.



answered 08 Apr '11, 13:29

rfelsburg's gravatar image

rfelsburg ♦
accept rate: 25%

That's a result of the odd non-standard way Google has chosen to implement OpenID. That being said, I'll see if there's a workaround we can implement from our end.


(08 Apr '11, 13:32) jeremy ♦♦

I'm not sure a work around is needed, just maybe something in the faq that states, the new google oid has changed and so you will need to send yourself a temp link, and then associate your google id.

(09 Apr '11, 13:21) rfelsburg ♦

I'd prefer a proper fix (and may have found one), but if we can't put something in place we can add a note to the FAQ.


(09 Apr '11, 13:52) jeremy ♦♦

Basically, a lot of improvements were suggested over here. Especially two useful changes would be easy to apply:

  • Give trusted users the right to vote-close questions.
  • Ask questions and provide answers yourself.

Both changes would make this site look more active and less like a graveyard for unanswered or drive-by-questions. This also relates to Ron's answer regarding Promotion. If you visit this site for the first time and get the feeling that all questions are either old or unanswered, it's really unlikely that you will participate.

Especially providing answers to your own questions could motivate really interesting discussions and solutions.


answered 09 Apr '11, 07:15

Jazz's gravatar image

Jazz ♦
accept rate: 33%

As noted in the FAQ, asking and answering your own question is perfectly fine. I'd very much encourage it in fact. Escalating privileges for some trusted members is very much on the roadmap. If you're interested in this please let me know.


(09 Apr '11, 14:03) jeremy ♦♦

I'm definitely interested in this, and happy to help!

(10 Apr '11, 11:38) Jazz ♦

Thanks Jazz, I'll add your name to the list. I'd suggest getting acclimated with OSQA as much as possible. I'll contact all members interested in a short time to get things rolling. In the meantime, if you have any additional suggestions or comments just let me know.


(10 Apr '11, 12:12) jeremy ♦♦

I'm very interested as well, let me know if I can do anything to help.

(10 Apr '11, 17:53) rfelsburg ♦

Thanks rfelsburg, I'll add your name to the list. See my above note to Jazz as well.


(11 Apr '11, 10:14) jeremy ♦♦

Now sure how simple this would be, but I would love to see the ability to sort based on questions that have literally no answers, not just no accepted answers.


answered 09 Apr '11, 13:23

rfelsburg's gravatar image

rfelsburg ♦
accept rate: 25%

It doesn't look trivial to implement this unfortunately. We may want to add this to the OSQA tracker is see if there's any interest in adding it upstream.


(11 Apr '11, 10:15) jeremy ♦♦

Agreed, thanks.

(11 Apr '11, 10:54) rfelsburg ♦

I seem to be running into a couple of errors when trying to click on links for questions I've answered.

For instance:

Time: 2011/04/10 17:58 EST http://linuxexchange.org/questions/1050/search-phrases-in-large-number-of-pdf-files/1051

Throws a 500 server error, also adding tags to an existing question also seem to throw a 500 server error. That one occurred late last night.



answered 10 Apr '11, 18:00

rfelsburg's gravatar image

rfelsburg ♦
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Both of these should be fixed. Thanks for the feedback.


(11 Apr '11, 10:10) jeremy ♦♦

Yep, looks like all of them have been fixed as far as the 500 error, I haven't tried retagging yet, I'll go back and try that now.

(11 Apr '11, 10:17) rfelsburg ♦

Hmm, I'm still getting a 500 server error, when trying to add new tags while retagging. Happened as of 10:21 EST 2011/04/11

(11 Apr '11, 10:20) rfelsburg ♦

I can't reproduce this myself, but I can verify that I see you getting a 500 error. I'll have to take a closer look.


(11 Apr '11, 10:28) jeremy ♦♦

No worries, To describe the situation. Steps:

Goto http://linuxexchange.org/questions/2298/linux-windows-dual-boot

Click Retag Tried changing tags to 'dual boot windows7 gnacktrack'

I then get a 500 server error page.

(11 Apr '11, 10:54) rfelsburg ♦
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