As I was saying, I've installed Linux Mint (Julia) on an ASUS Eee PC Seashell Netbook, conquered my wireless problem, conquered my touchpad problem, and only have one substantial problem left: This computer is for my computer-newbie mother, and I must be able to log in remotely to bail her out of trouble. I downloaded Team Viewer, but was unable to get anywhere with it, possibly because "Linux Mint" was not one of the options. Ubuntu, Fedora, and a bunch others ok, but not Mint. Any ideas?

asked 31 Mar '11, 07:09

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Elad Lending
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Hmmmm I never ran TeamViewer on Linux Mint, but it is an Ubuntu derivative, so it should work...... I guess there is the long-way of doing it which involves running VNC over SSH. You'll need to install and configure OpenSSH Server, configure iptables to allow in ports 22 and 5900, configure the Remote Desktop program in Linux Mint, and configure port forwarding on the router. Lastly, unless she has a static IP, you'll need to have a dynamic DNS service like


answered 31 Mar '11, 10:06

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Ron ♦
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I'm running LinuxMint Debian Edition and have TeamViewer installed and working. Are you getting any error messages when starting it from a terminal?


answered 04 Apr '11, 05:20

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No error messages. It just doesn't DO anything. Maybe there is no problem and I just don't have the procedure down. In the meantime, I managed to solve the problem another way (can't remember offhand - I'll check it later on today if you want to know. Please excuse me but I do not know how to notify Linux Exchange that the problem is solved. Still I wouldn't mind learning what you did.... Thanks, Elad

(04 Apr '11, 05:57) Elad Lending

Ubuntu does in fact come with a very easy-to-use built in VNC solution. Enabling it can be done using System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop (or something semantically similar), or by calling vino-preferences (Alt+F2 -> vino-preferences).

After enabling remote access, you can use vinagre to access the computer. And this is where Ron's dyndns suggestion is relevant, since you need to know the IP of the computer you want to access. If your mother has a router, and you don't want to use dyndns, you can get the external IP-address by using curl

Of course, the combination of vino and vinagre is not Ubuntu specific, so feel free to try it on any distribution.


answered 09 Apr '11, 07:39

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Jazz ♦
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I must add... be sure to open port 5900 in your router with port forwarding to a static IP like (so you'll need to set a static IP on your PC).....and also open port 5900 in iptables on the PC as well.

(14 Apr '11, 10:52) Ron ♦

I would add one more thing. if you open a port in your router to allow you to access this remotely, you need a VERY strong password on the account (Think 10-12 characters and include letters numbers and special characters like #^%$...).

Crackers WILL find the port and attempt to break in. If you want it more secure, install fail2ban to block ssh connections after too many failed logins.



answered 13 Apr '11, 18:26

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Have pity on me Ron. I'm just a green Newbie, and I don't understand the acronyms you just used or what you're talking about! :) PS: What am I supposed to vote about?


answered 31 Mar '11, 12:16

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Elad Lending
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Or maybe I'll try Ubuntu again.... What's more intuitive and less intimidating to a computer illiterate Grandmother?

(31 Mar '11, 12:17) Elad Lending

Well, I know it works with Ubuntu. I would HIGHLY recommend bringing the issue to the attention of the Linux Mint community because they are very responsive. I use TeamViewer on Ubuntu 10.04.2LTS (I do not recommend using 10.10 or 11.04 as they are NOT-LTS versions and the code is just too unstable.)

(31 Mar '11, 13:37) Ron ♦

I solved the problem with a program that someone suggested: Tight VNP


answered 04 Apr '11, 11:11

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Elad Lending
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Remember, VNC is not secure...tunnel it through SSH or set it up to only work over a VPN connection.

(04 Apr '11, 15:20) Ron ♦

Well, I'd prefer to use Team Viewer, but haven't yet succeeded in getting it to work. But as to the other, how is VNC not secure? It requires knowing my Mother's password, doesn't it?


answered 04 Apr '11, 16:25

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Elad Lending
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OK you're right. Naturally. I read about it. I'll see what I can do.

(04 Apr '11, 16:42) Elad Lending
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