I'm running Slackware 13.1 (for now, 13.37 is real close!). I recently started using nxserver/freenx for remote access since it is so much faster than VNC. I log into (and stay logged into) the workstation as a single, non-root user and I'd like to be able to attach to that KDE session whenever I need to access the machine remotely.

Right now when I connect, I always get a new KDE session. Is there a trick to making this work?

So I worked through the article jeremy posted.

  • I verified the RENDER extension is loaded
  • activated ENABLE_PERSISTENT_SESSION = "all" (although i believe this is the default)
  • restarted freenx

I see no way to change the color depth for the nx client and the font issue seems to be a none issue. As for pixmaps, depths and visuals, I don't know what those are :-).

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


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One note. If I connect thru nx to the workstation and get a new session then, disconnect that session. I can resume it through nx. What I want to accomplish is connecting to a KDE session I started at the console. \\Greg

(13 Apr '11, 13:23) gmartin

Thanks for the clarification - I've updated my answer.


(13 Apr '11, 17:49) jeremy ♦♦

You can't connect to the KDE session you started at the console to my knowledge. NX works by spawning a pseudo-X11 server on the remote machine, and then forwards the protocol stream to the NX client, which is also an X server. Sessions running on a different X server cannot be picked up. NX is really more of a terminal server than a generic remote control solution.

(Old) You can read more on NX session reconnection policies here.



answered 13 Apr '11, 13:34

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jeremy ♦♦
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I did as you suggested

(13 Apr '11, 17:28) gmartin

Interesting and it makes sense. I have this running on a Fedora 14 box as well and I thought I had this working. but now that I look closer, since I only access this machine remotely, I was being fooled.


(13 Apr '11, 18:18) gmartin

You can send an X session over VNC pretty easily. I SSH in then do X over that. Of course why not just look at using TeamViewer which is free for non-commerical use and doesn't have the limitations of NX?


answered 13 Apr '11, 13:53

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Ron ♦
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I have VNC working. NX appears to be much faster that VNC. What are the limitations of NX that TeamViewer would solve?

(13 Apr '11, 17:28) gmartin
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