I have a dual boot setup with Suse11.4 and Windows7. Why are online videos on windows superior to the linux system? There has been improvement (fullscreen does not hang anymore) but there is still a disparity in quality. This is particularly evident watching MLB.com. When playing movies there is virtually little difference.

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This is a known issue with flash in linux, where the product delivered by Adobe is far lower quality than that of windows (already of questionable quality).

Efforts have been made to develop an open source alternative to the adobe flash player, but no definitive improvements with video are reached as of now (that i'm aware of).

That said, you'll have different experience depending on the video driver / kernel version you are using. For example here with a modest ATI Radeon HD4250 and the latest kernel, with the Gallium OSS driver the site you mention does play smooth.


answered 14 Apr '11, 09:47

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I agree with the flash portion, but to add a bit more to the explanation. A good chunk does come down to drivers, windows drivers are put out by the company themselves. Some linux drivers are put out by the hardware manufacturer, but are rarely updated, and sometimes not even put out by the hardware vendor.

(14 Apr '11, 10:45) rfelsburg ♦

Agreed with the clarification on drivers, the two issues together are responsible for the commonly poor flash experience on linux.

I'll add that the video drivers and other parts of the graphics stack (both closed and OSS) are constantly updated, so it might worth doing an extra check on the current state of affairs for your specific platform and eventually upgrade, from time to time.

(18 Apr '11, 13:05) Juaco

I wonder if this is a codec issue on Linux. Perhaps the default codec for the video is not available and maybe it degrades to a lesser codec.


answered 13 Apr '11, 17:45

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I found the flash issue as most informative and will just have to settle for using Windows to watch MLB baseball.


answered 14 Apr '11, 10:44

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Please mark Juaco's response as the answer. Thank you.

(14 Apr '11, 11:00) Ron ♦
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