I use ubuntu 10.10 I cannot view any photos on eBay. I have adjusted my JAVA settings every way that I know how, without success. This did not happen in ubuntu 10.04 Would someone please point me toward a solution?

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asked 18 Apr '11, 11:04

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Does this happen for any other sites except for eBay? What browser are you using and do you have any addons installed?


(18 Apr '11, 14:32) jeremy ♦♦

If you are installing a Non-LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu on a PC, you should know know that:

1) It is not recommended to install a Non-LTS version of Ubuntu on a production machine because these Non-LTS release versions are too unstable compared to the LTS versions (such as the currently supported version of 10.04.2LTS).

2) Non-LTS versions are really betas for the next LTS release (12.04LTS) and as such are fine to install on a machine used for testing our new code, but know that things change all the time on those mid-term/non-LTS releases because again, they are betas for the next LTS.

3) LTS releases get their code base (initially...before Canonical adds to them its' own code) from debian-testing and the Non-LTS releases pull from debian-unstable. therefore, when using Ubuntu, use only the LTS releases for production environments, if you want to run Ubuntu. Otherwise, run Debian for even more stability. If you want a Red Hat-based distro, go with CentOS (more stable than Fedora is).

So in short, my advise to you is to install 10.04.2LTS 32-bit Desktop version and see if the problem goes away. That's not laziness, but you are using an unstable version of Ubuntu right now.


answered 18 Apr '11, 13:43

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