Anyone know why:

rsync -azuv --exclude "*.db" --delete /etc/postfix/ /home/backups/system/etc/postfix/

Would delete files from the destination that don't exist on the source (as it is supposed to), but:

rsync -azuv --exclude "*.db" --delete /etc/postfix/* /home/backups/system/etc/postfix/


There is nothing "funky" about the files (as far as I can tell) that don't get delete by the second command - in other words, they don't start with a "." or anything. For the record (not that it matters) the files that weren't removed from the destination after I deleted them from the source were:

postgrey_whitelist_recipients.rpmnew postgrey_whitelist_clients.rpmnew postgrey_whitelist_clients.local.rpmnew


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From the man page:

--delete delete extraneous files from dest dirs

As we can see, it expects you to pass the directory containing the files (/path/to/directory/) - not the files themselves (/path/to/directory/*).


answered 04 May '10, 04:28

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Thanks, that makes sense. So, a corollary question:

I have the following files in my source directory: 1.two 1.three 2.two 2.three

I only want to back up *.one files, so I run the following rsync command:

rsync -azuv --delete source/*.one dest/

Perfect, I get,, and in the dest.

But say gets deleted from my source directory. When my rsync command is run again, it doesn't delete from dest.

Without creating complex --include-from --exclude-from, is there a way to make rsync do what one would expect in this situation using wildcards?

(04 May '10, 05:14) Acorp

You must have asked rsync to send the whole directory (e.g. “dir” or “dir/”) without using a wildcard for the directory's contents (e.g. “dir/*”) since the wildcard is expanded by the shell and rsync thus gets a request to transfer individual files, not the files' parent directory.

This means you can't use source/*, because it contains a wildcard. Check out the --files-from=FILE switch in rsync's manual. This allows you to create a file containing a list of the files you want to copy.

(09 May '10, 16:49) feinom

--delete does not appear to take any arguments: it's just a switch!

However, using "/etc/postfix/*" on the shell (without the quotes) will get expanded (by the shell) to all files in /etc/postfix, therefore you're basically passing a list of existing source files (and not a directory to "compare").

You want to just pass the directory only.


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