i am thinking of moving to linux...

what is the best distro for 512mb of ram and a 15gb hard drive

asked 03 May '11, 05:16

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question of http://linuxexchange.org/questions/1259/which-linux-distribution-is-better-for-newbies" by rfelsburg 07 May '11, 00:03

If you're looking for newbie-friendly distributions, take a look at this question.

Regarding distributions for older hardware, see this question.

There are some very potent answers to be found there, which are sure to solve your specific problem.


answered 03 May '11, 05:43

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Hands down, Slackware.

Lightest, fastest, more secure out of the box, full featured, can do anything, desktop, server, you name it, it can do it.

It also teaches you more about Linux and computing in general than other distros. Slackware does not get in your way, does not start up a bunch of weird services you have no idea what they're doing. Everything is open to see and understand.

It runs in 128MB RAM with a GUI and below that without.

Plain, simple, powerful. Software that does what YOU want.

Try it.


answered 03 May '11, 08:35

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answered 03 May '11, 10:02

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How about Bodhi Linix...


answered 05 May '11, 15:52

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