Could not launch Adobe Reader 9.4.2. Please make sure it exists in PATH variable in the environment. If the problem persists, please reinstall the application.

How to fix?


peter@Peter-OldPC:~$ PATH=$PATH:/~/Adobe/Reader9/bin
peter@Peter-OldPC:~$ firefox

Is the terminal code directly above what you meant for me to do?

asked 24 May '11, 09:02

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edited 01 Jun '11, 06:56

The code you wrote is exactly what I mean. It fixed the same issue for me.


answered 02 Jun '11, 15:12

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Thanks. I wasn't sure if I did it properly cause I didn't seem to work initially. You'd think Adobe would program their bin install properly. It's a real shame broken paths can arise and the user has to manually correct for this. For a world leader in pdf standards, it's completely unacceptable. I ended up installing via Synaptic Thanks who_knows. I'd be curious if someone else can get who_knows' solution to work, as I wasn't sure if it worked or not or whether it just was me, but it sounded like he was on the right track...

(04 Jun '11, 19:25) ptrcao

Make sure the the Reader is in your PATH. As a first attempt, open a console, add it to PATH manually export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/acrobat/bin And run Firefox from the same console. Check if it helps.


answered 31 May '11, 16:39

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I don't understand. Can you please explain it step by step? See OP for what I have done.

(01 Jun '11, 06:55) ptrcao

The code you wrote is exactly what I mean. It fixed the same issue for me.

(02 Jun '11, 15:13) who_knows

1) Update Firefox to 4.0.1

2) WHY use Adobe Reader on Linux?????? If you feel that you must use it, then get the latest version.


answered 24 May '11, 10:49

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Ron ♦
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1) Thanks, ok, I'll see if this makes a difference.

2) Because I load large PDF files and it's faster any renders text better than than any other PDF reader native to Linux. Debatable, I know, but all I can say is that has been my experience with the sorts of documents I view. :) (And yeah, I'm using the latest version.)

(25 May '11, 02:48) ptrcao

I should mention, the plug-in for the latest adobe version is installed in my FF so there really shouldn't be any reason why PDF files don't load properly within the browser... :|

(25 May '11, 02:50) ptrcao

Do keep us updated if Firefox 4.0.1 fixes the issue, please. If it does, please mark my response as the answer to the questions. Thanks.

(25 May '11, 18:40) Ron ♦

Sorry, no luck. Any other ideas?

(27 May '11, 09:30) ptrcao

Which Linux distro (and version of it) are you using?

(27 May '11, 10:08) Ron ♦

Debian 6, affectionately known as "Squeeze".

(01 Jun '11, 06:53) ptrcao
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