How can I check in the terminal if a package is already installed?

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If you know the exact package name or would like detailed information, you can use the -s flag to dpkg to report the status of the package:

dpkg -s packagename

If you don't know the exact package name or would like summary information, you can use the -l flag to dpkg:

dpkg -l partial_packagename_with_wildcards



answered 06 Jun '11, 09:36

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? You did'nt specify the system ; on a RPM-based system, like Red Hat Enterprise / Mandriva / Fedora / Linux / Cent OS, you can

rpm -qa | grep packagename

On a debian-based system like Ubuntu

dpkg --list | grep packagename

On an archlinux system

pacman -Qs packagename1 packagename2 ...

Oh, and on a bsd box you may :

pkg_info | grep packagename


answered 06 Jun '11, 11:33

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While no package management system was in the description, he did tag the question with apt. I'm going to add the dpkg tag now.


(06 Jun '11, 11:38) jeremy ♦♦
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