When I restore from hibernate the screen is often corrupted. I suspect the graphics memory is not being saved. Suspend-to-ram works fine.

It also looks like the font-cache is corrupted, as all letters are corrupted consistently.

Logging out and back in again fixes it, but I don't want to have to do that. I have been logging-out then hibernating, but this is more effort and eliminates most of the benefit of hibernate.

Is there another way to refresh the X11 display? The Ctrl+Alt+F1 ... does not work. It switches back to X11 instantly, but still corrupted

I am using Debian 6

asked 06 Jun '11, 08:23

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daves dad
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edited 23 Jun '11, 08:34

have you tried Ctrl+Alt+Backspace or gdm-restart ?


answered 01 Jul '11, 11:43

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Yes logging-out and back in again fixes it. Am I miss understanding this as I believe that these are 2 ways to quickly and inelegantly log-out. As I am trying to avoid logging out this will not be of help.

(04 Jul '11, 18:12) daves dad

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver to start with.... maybe something got hosed up in the configuration of it somehow that is cause Hibernate to bork up the system? Anyway, I'd start there....


answered 04 Jul '11, 07:24

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Ron ♦
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