I have a problem..I want to schedule specific nagios severs downtime from the commandline by curl.How do I do that?

Al though someone suggest me a script from serverfault site to do the service and host notification eneable and disable from commandline by curl.

Looking for similar script which will trigger the scheduled downtime from the commandline instead going to the web interface.

curl -d " some key value pair(hostname,servicename" url "username:passowrd"

which will do the service/host notification on and off from the commandline. So I want use curl in this fashion to provide downtime for specific nagios server.

Above script is not working for it because downtime option of nagios taked more parameter and I tried to infuse those in the script..but it didn't work out that way.We need provide starttime,endtime and comment value too.

Plus I have tried curl's option called --form and --form-string with that script..not able to get through.

The besic idea is instead of going to the Nagios web interface, we want to done this thing from the command line(we have succeded for service/host service and notification).

TIA Bhaskar

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1) Password in scripts are dangerous and insecure. Same with sending them in clear-text format.

2) You can schedule Nagios to check machines or not to check machines, thus the server can remain "on", but "down" / inactive.

2a) Another option would be to stop the daemon itself from running by manually kill it or setting up a cron job to start and stop the daemon at a certain time(s) and day(s).

2b) You can setup the PC itself to startup/shutdown on it's own instead.

Why use curl?

Why shutdown the process / computer vs. setting up scheduling?


answered 27 Jul '11, 14:17

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I am afraid you grossly misunderstood my requirement..please re-read it and understand...don't worry about the passowrd details..I know what I am upto..just want the steps by the script I mentioned..if you have that well..otherwise...

(28 Jul '11, 02:19) unixbhaskar

"I want to schedule specific nagios severs downtime from the commandline" I get that. See my answers and also answer my question of "Why via curl?"

(28 Jul '11, 18:58) Ron ♦

The Nagios group has a script that can be filled out with a reocurring sheduled downtime. You could use this instead on using teh GUI.


answered 19 Oct '11, 09:18

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