I have installed Asterisk 1.8 on slackware 13.1, php, mysql and apache.

I am later to install freepbx to help with reporting on VOIP activity. However, after installing asterisk, I am getting a segment fault.

My log file shows this:

darkstar kernel: asterisk[2660]: segfault at 800001c4f ip 00007ffff7514810 sp 00007fffffffcd48 error 4 in libc-2.11.1.so[7ffff7492000+16b000]

I have used gdb so that I can perform a backtrace however the program executes and exits without a stack thus not helpful.

Any help is appreciated!

asked 03 Aug '11, 03:47

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If you launch the program from GDB or else attach GDB to it after it's started you should be able to catch it at the point of the fault. If it's already running, use ps to find its PID and then in GDB say:

   attach thatPID

When it faults you should find that GDB has regained control at the point of the fault and you may be able to learn more.


answered 09 Sep '11, 08:10

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I suggest checking your ulimits (ulimit -c) - by default the limit is 0, thus no core dump. You can set it fairly high to catch the stack. Then use gdb <program> <corefile> to view the core dump.


answered 03 Mar '15, 19:00

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Jesse Pollard
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I would recommend you ask the development team for asterisk, or someplace like http://stackoverflow.com/



answered 23 Aug '11, 12:35

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-1. Not an answer. Should be a comment.

(18 Aug '14, 15:45) landroni
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