afternoon, Im using mint 11. Previous versions have a '.bashrc' file. This version doesn't. I would like to put some aliases or functions in .bashrc. I started a '.bash_aliases' file and it works . But where did the '.bashrc' file go to?

asked 05 Sep '11, 18:52

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OK I just created .bashrc and put all my intended aliases and some functions into that file. Everything works as I want.... til-later


answered 05 Sep '11, 21:39

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Any file which has a . at the beginning is a "hidden file"

If I use my File Manager and I can tick the Menu to show hidden files.

.bashrc is in my Home folder


answered 06 Sep '11, 09:36

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Alan Rochester
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Evidently .bashrc doesn't exist in mint 11,so I created the file ($ touch .bashrc). Inow have a .bashrc file to enter any aliases I wish. ..and it works just fine....Thank you

(06 Sep '11, 21:02) kaykav

Just for further visitors: Not all distributions provide a .bashrc by default. Nevertheless, I am not aware of any distribution that ignores an existing .bashrc. Therefore, simply create it if it doesn't exist.

touch ~/.bashrc

answered 08 Sep '11, 03:31

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