Hello, Linux community!

Ubuntu 10.04, Gnome, Compiz with 4 virtual desktops.

I have Thunderbird installed from the binary repository. When I send messages, the screen hangs, I cannot click anything - it does not respond.

If I switch to another virtual desktop with a shortcut (Alt+Ctrl+Right arrow) and release the keys - everything gets back to normal. I can switch back and Thunderbird works ok. If I switch to another screen and then I switch back without releasing Ctrl+Alt, the system hangs completely. Nothing helps, I even can't switch desktops anymore. The only option I know is to reboot.

Did anyone have that kind of a problem? Where should I look? Should I report a but to Thunderbird or Compiz? All updates are installed

Thank you!

asked 22 Nov '11, 05:08

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Artem B
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ugh. Don't replace it. reconfigure it.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure compiz && sudo dpkg-reconfigure thunderbird


answered 08 Dec '11, 16:07

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Ron ♦
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Thank you, I did, will report on results

(09 Dec '11, 00:24) Artem B

This sounds like a compiz problem to me. You can try replacing compiz ( stopping it ) with another window manager. I suspect the problem will be gone.

Your problem may be 4 desktops. If you are running the cube, you should have only 1. It will have four sides.


answered 25 Nov '11, 19:21

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