I can mount a windows file share with sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=~/Files/server-mount/credentials //sbs2008/local ~/Files/server-mount/. I would like to do this but:

  • Without root privileges. (I can do this one, if I solve the other two.)
  • Without storing password, unencrypted.
  • Automatically on login.

I am using kubuntu 11.10

asked 29 Feb '12, 09:05

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daves dad
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edited 17 Apr '12, 10:37

Without root privileges - Setup the share in fstab

Without storing password - Make the "Everyone" user available with full access in the advanced permissions (sharing) on Windows PC

Automatically on login - Setup the share in fstab


answered 29 Feb '12, 18:10

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Ron ♦
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Yes fstab is a good idea (It does require root to set up, but you saw me use sudo above so know I can do this.). However the solution to stoping someone copying the key, is to remove the lock, is not going to help.

(01 Mar '12, 05:33) daves dad

What is your ultimate goal? Maybe you don't want to do a Windows fire share at all, maybe setting up an autossh is the way to do it using keys, or an SFTP deal, more info please.

(01 Mar '12, 17:40) Ron ♦

Usualy I use sshfs, but I need access to a windows cifs file share. We can not give access to everyone so authentication is necessary. I do not want the password stored on the laptop, as a lost laptop will allow access (even if root only readable). With sshfs I store the key encrypted with a passphrase. If I had a solution that needed root privileges I can wrap it in a set uid.

(17 Apr '12, 10:33) daves dad

I could be wrong but I think the mount command ALWAYS requires root privileges to run.

The best you can do, is to make ~/Files/server-mount/credentials read-only by root and do not share the root password.


answered 17 Apr '12, 07:56

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Seth Brown
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