i installed oracle linux 6 on my desktop and i mistakenly set my swap to 250M twice but i wanted it to be 2gig is there any way i can remove it and set it to 2gig?

asked 06 Mar '12, 02:24

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How you make room for a 2 GB swap area depends on your disk layout. If you have enough adjacent space left you can enlarge the swap partition and format it again or else delete and recreate it. If you don't have enough space you have to shrink the nearest partition first. If you prefer the comfort and safety checks a GUI application provides you could boot the machine with for example the Gparted Live CD.


answered 10 Mar '12, 20:33

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If you are comfortable with re-installing, I would suggest you do it over. Hey, it's good practice.

You can also set aside a 2GB file somewhere on your filesystem and make it into a swap file, if you REALLY don't want to re-install. How to create a swap file

Other than that, boot Gparted (or System Rescue CD)and re-size your partitions using that tool. You will have to run mkswap on the resized swap partition afterwards.


answered 17 Apr '12, 07:04

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If u have free space then absolutely u can make 2GB swap .how to make swap partition step-1 free -to check swap space then swapoff it should be off. step-2 make swap partition fdisk -cul (hard disk name like /dev/hda....whatever) press n and 82 (for swap partition) and last step to format this partition using makeswap (swap partition name like /dev/sda1,2,3..whatever) and then swapon


answered 17 Apr '12, 13:57

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