Do I need a certain number of points to post a comment (vs an answer). i don't seem to have the option.

asked 16 Apr '12, 12:55

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I tried to ask a question but I could not create a 'tag', & as the question I was going to ask didn't fit any of your 'tags', the site refused to accept my question. :-(

It's your site, so I don't mind, but, if I can't post, the site is irrelevant for me. (I have other mailing lists & forums that I frequent) :-)

(18 Jun '12, 13:10) fatmac

Let me know the tag you need created and I'll do so now (alternatively you can also post the question with the closest tag possible, or linuxexchange if nothing is close) and then ask for a site mod to update the question). It should be rare to run into this issue (and will get progressively rarer as more tags get created), but I think you'll find that if anyone can arbitrarily create tags the tag taxonomy quickly becomes nearly useless.


(18 Jun '12, 13:17) jeremy ♦♦

Hi Jeremy,

I was only going to ask what other people viewing this forum thought of it.

I didn't think any of the tags presented would be right, so didn't get to post.

Whether you want this kind of question of course is another matter,

I was just trying to find out how relevant others thought the site, as there didn't seem to be many recent posts.

edit: Thinking about it a bit more, I think I should perhaps have used the linux exchange tag

(20 Jun '12, 06:17) fatmac

FWIW there are actually two existing tags meant solely for the discussion of the site itself: meta and linuxexchange

That being said, that kind of question really isn't the type we'd like asked at LE. You are correct that there are not a large number of recent posts though, and we're certainly looking for feedback on how you think we can change that.


(20 Jun '12, 10:47) jeremy ♦♦

From - you need > 50 karma to add a comment. See the "How does the karma system work?" entry for more information.

UPDATE: I've lowered the karma needed to comment to 20. We'll see what impact this has on site participation. Thanks for the feedback.



answered 16 Apr '12, 13:28

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jeremy ♦♦
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edited 20 Jun '12, 11:30


I'm sorry I asked that. I read the FAQ but failed to read to the bottom.

(16 Apr '12, 15:23) gmartin

Perhaps that is why this site seems a bit dead.....

(17 Jun '12, 08:09) fatmac

Probably part of it.

(18 Jun '12, 09:52) Ron ♦

Considering that 50 karma is very easy to accrue and that you can submit questions and answers (the main focus of the site) immediately, I would not say this requirement is having a significant impact on site participation. The reality is that building a new site from scratch is exceedingly difficult. People are reticent to participate until they see others participate. We're certainly open to suggestions on how to further participation here at LE (including adjusting the karma needed for commenting if the consensus is that it would help), but I think a few regulars jumping in and answering and asking questions is something that would have a significant impact on site growth.


(18 Jun '12, 12:38) jeremy ♦♦

Actually, its not easy. There's only been one tech question posted in the past 30 days.

(20 Jun '12, 08:46) gmartin


I'd agree that actual questions have been infrequent lately and we're going to work very hard to change that. With that being said, it's still possible to get to 50 very rapidly simply by posting a few solid questions that you know the answer to and then answering them (which is very much encouraged, as it helps others who will find the content via search). Even simply asking quality questions you don't know the answer to will accrue karma fairly quickly. Thanks for the feedback.


(20 Jun '12, 10:54) jeremy ♦♦

Note that I've lowered the karma needed to comment to 20. We'll see what impact this has on site participation. Thanks for the feedback.


(20 Jun '12, 11:30) jeremy ♦♦
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