I was just trying to find out how relevant others thought this site, as there doesn't seem to be many recent posts.

What do you think?

asked 20 Jun '12, 06:29

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In the long run, this site will be as useful as the people who participate here make it. As I've said recently in another comment, starting a new site from scratch is much more difficult that I think many people appreciate. We're certainly interested in feedback on how we can improve, but the fact that the three most recent "questions" are not Linux or Open Source related in any way almost certainly isn't helping. I'm going to close some of the others, but will leave this one open for discussion for a while before it is also closed. Thanks for the feedback.



answered 20 Jun '12, 10:50

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I agree with Jeremy on this one, it's really all about the users and their participation. The site itself is great as it is, technically-speaking... the problem lies in the user interaction. Rarely do people post, and when they do, it often goes unanswered.

One may as well shout outside your house in the dark because chances are you'll get a response.

(25 Jun '12, 13:25) Ron ♦

[QUOTE]... the problem lies in the user interaction. Rarely do people post, and when they do, it often goes unanswered.[/QUOTE]

50 views in 5 days for this post.

How can we get more user action; the site needs to be promoted more, perhaps.

I've been on broadband & answering questions for about 18 months now, & it was only by chance I'm here, because it was mentioned on LinuxQuestions.

Obviously, I haven't read all the posts on the site, but I didn't notice many that hadn't been answered.

@jeremy Feel free to close this post whenever you want as I have my answer I think. (50 views in 5 days)

(25 Jun '12, 14:08) fatmac

By observing the views of my questions, I have to say that the site is at least relevant for people searching for answers.

(26 Jun '12, 20:58) Jazz ♦
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