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What do you think?

I think you are "B. Alex Seme", you commonly use the handle "paraipanakos", you live in or near Madrid and you have no job. I think you have studied at, or more likely are looking to graduate from, UDIMA in 2014 (, you have used at least one IP address in the range (meaning your ISP is Vodafone) and your Paypal account was suspended. I think you tried to at least close one "paraipanakos" account somewhere on the 'Net (

I think you have no qualms about rigging votes for money (;topic=46838.0), pimping your budding private venture ( over the backs of free services (,,,, and I think you don't take criticism too well (

I think Rugatu may be interesting but not because two investors wish to remain anonymous or because you think it will make you any money but for other reasons (

...but I don't think anyone would be interested in what I think ;-p


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great doxing, but you only filtered the negative stuff to help you out with a biased response.

I have no job, so, you problem is? I have no links with UDIMA hehe, I wish.

My eBay account was suspended for selling bitcoins, yes.

Doing SEO wasn't illegal the last time i checked, my bad for coming out in the open like that. I apologize if I disturbed some people.

I take criticism very well in fact :) those OTC ratings are a long story about me complaining legally on, a bucket-shop service, where people sent their money to have them back with very high interest. Some people felt offended and down-rated me at that time, but now they keep quiet after bitcoinica took their money and run, they don't even bother to apologize.

The person who posted that about Rugatu is lying. He started spamming the service and attached rewards to the spam, so we took action by removing the spam and returning the coins to him. He even mass down-voted other users only to make us look bad.

I can only tell what happened so people can decide for themselves. From that moment on we decided modify our faq so this situation doesn't repeat itself again.

Thanks for your interest anyways.

(08 Jul '12, 12:32) Alex B

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