I'd like to know what kind of questions could be asked around here and in what form. What I mean exactly, can I post a guides/howtos for resolving known problems that linux users may experience, frequently asked questions? Like "How to configure ssh with keys" or something like that...

BTW I like this idea of LE(as we probably will soon call LinuxExchange), it's nice! Thanks, Jeremy :)

asked 13 Apr '10, 23:14

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Any question pertaining to Linux and Open Source can be asked here at LinuxExchange. Guides and HOWTO's however should not be posted here, as this is a Q&A site only (unlike LQ). You should post guides and HOWTO's either in the LQ Tutorials section or at the LQ Wiki.



answered 15 Apr '10, 13:19

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jeremy ♦♦
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Okay, can I "ask" and then "answer" own question? Or should I ask and let others make an answer instead?

(15 Apr '10, 13:44) Web31337

If you think you can add value to the site by asking and answering a question, you should feel free to do so.


(15 Apr '10, 15:59) jeremy ♦♦

I do not see anything wrong with that. Just make sure it is tagged properly and such.

Also consider dropping your HowTos off at the LQWiki:



answered 13 Apr '10, 23:49

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Yeah I do always look after formatting... the question is how to make howtos here? Well, maybe I shoud just ask and answer own questions or just ask and let others reply :)

(14 Apr '10, 23:28) Web31337

Go to stackoverflow and you will get the idea :D


answered 14 Apr '10, 04:09

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never used stackoverflow sites before... signed up today. What bugs me is there is no way for users to communicate as in PM/etc... :(

(14 Apr '10, 23:29) Web31337

LE is meant strictly to provide answers to questions in a defined Q&A format. For a more community style conversational format, you want LinuxQuestions.org. --jeremy

(28 Apr '10, 20:30) jeremy ♦♦

Should Android questions be asked here or should they be redirected to ForceClose for usage and StackOverflow for development?


answered 28 Apr '10, 17:45

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"Any question pertaining to Linux and Open Source can be asked here at LinuxExchange." Android is both Linux and Open Source, so is certainly on topic here at LinuxExchange.

(28 Apr '10, 20:28) jeremy ♦♦
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