I'm trying to learn UNIX commands and I'm playing this game to learn and I'm really stuck at the moment. I'm in a server through ssh and the directory is full of random files and folders and the password for the next level is inside one of the files. I have been told that the file has the following attributes:

human-readable 1033 bytes non-executable

I am guessing that I should use the 'find' command and I tried " find ! -executable " but that returned a load of files. The only human-readable help I can find in the manual or online is printing out the file sizes in human readable. So I'm a bit lost there?

Also I did try " find ~ -size 1033b " but that returned nothing. But when I tried " find ~ -size -1033b " it returned every file in the directory.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

asked 15 Jul '12, 20:26

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nickcorin : can you please disclose the name of this game ? I would love to play it too. Thanks in advance. :)

(26 Sep '12, 01:43) jaybh

The find command that you want is: find ~ -size 1033c

From the man page for find:

  • b: for 512-byte blocks (this is the default if no suffix is used)
  • c: for bytes

answered 20 Sep '12, 10:54

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If there's only 1 file of 1033 bytes you could do a " ls -l | grep 1033 " to get the file name.


answered 19 Sep '12, 11:55

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-1033b is not correct. -size 1033 is correct



answered 24 Sep '12, 17:35

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And also, i think that "human readable" means that the contents of the file should be human readable, so it's not a bynary file. You can check that with file, doing:

-exex file {} \;

in you find command, or with


also in your find command.

Hope it helps ;) (BTW, tell us the name of the game please :D)


answered 16 Mar '13, 10:12

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It's Over the wire! and using -exec file {} ; helps as it lists out data from ascii text which the point is to find which of these files is human readable. thanks!

    @melinda:~/inhere$ find -exec file {} \;
.: directory 
./-file08: data
./-file05: data
./-file07: ASCII text
./-file04: data
./-file00: data
./-file01: data
./-file06: data
./-file03: data
./-file09: data
./-file02: data

answered 01 Apr '15, 19:14

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Al Christopher
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