Hi guys, I have the files for a website on a central machine and mount this directory on several other small servers around using nfs. problem is, I have started to get some strange errors recently, the whole system gets frozen and I get this error:

Stale File Handle

I havent been able to get enough information for debugging from the server itself, but I am hoping there would be a way to resolve this issue, is there anything in particular that I have to bear in mind when mounting file for a website to a central server?

I there a better way to handle this situation? keeping the website files on one server and have all others share into same files?

thanks in advance

asked 30 Oct '12, 14:08

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Hello, I got burnt by this as well, on debian stable (and ubuntu 11.04 as the client). Restarting NFS, maybe on both server and client, would temporarily make it working again. I had a semi-dying network card on the client, but switching network cards around didn't work.

I think you would better switch to Samba, even though it's harder to configure and have to pretend it's Windows, it's fine for *NIX only set ups.


answered 22 Dec '12, 04:45

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My recommendation is GlusterFS. Currently I use it for my company's highly active website. resource on single server and multiple mount point.


answered 01 Jan '13, 11:07

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