Hi Guys,
SERVER -> Linux Fedora 12
DUT -> could be based on any platform.
. I want to test the DUT for transferring of files to and from server.

I can easily test the scenario when client wants to upload and download the files from the server.

What I want is suppose there is a GUI on server side and executing command on GUI , the server automatically sends the file to the client side and record the download or upload logs . I don't want client to initiate the transaction.

is this is possible ?

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks and regards,

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Because of the nature of TCP (the protocol on top of which ftp runs), the client side either has to function as a server to accept incoming connections, or the client has to establish an initial connection to the server. In the latter case, I don't know of any standard ftp clients that will allow the server to initiate a transfer, or even if ftp supports this.


answered 06 Dec '12, 11:10

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Thanks KJ4TIP for the reply.
I also thought so. is there is any way that I can send files from the server to the client or device under test with keeping the client or DUT involvement to the minimal. may be iperf or wifi direct or anything. Basically what I want to do is to test the throughput of wifi of DUT. DUT can be mobile phones or laptops or anything .

(06 Dec '12, 11:59) Samprat

If you are simply trying to test throughput, a ping flood may be sufficient: using the standard ping utility you can specify packet size and frequency (see the -s and -i options); as long as the client is not set to drop ping requests (some firewall software may do this), you should not have to otherwise interact with the client. Anything more, however, will probably require running some sort of server software on the DUT (this could be as simple or as complex as needed for your particular testing).

(06 Dec '12, 15:40) KJ4TIP

Thanks KJ4TIP for reply. I will try with ping utility and will let you know how the things work. Since this is an urgent requirement for me , I have posted my question with some additional information. I will be very happy if u can visit the link and let me know your thoughts. http://linuxexchange.org/questions/2989/to-measure-throughput-of-dut-from-linux-server.


(07 Dec '12, 04:39) Samprat

@KJ$TIP, using ping utility will give me latency rate. what I need is the time taken to transfer data . I think , ping is not what i am looking for.

(07 Dec '12, 05:48) Samprat

The idea behind using ping to measure network throughput is by setting a known (large) packet size, ping will report the round-trip time for the echo request. Then you can divide the size of data transfered--twice the packet size, as the data is transfered once to the other host and then another time from the other host--by the total time to transfer the data--the round-trip time. But see bwping, which will preform the necessary calculations automatically.

(07 Dec '12, 09:25) KJ4TIP

Thanks KJ4TIP for all the help.

(07 Dec '12, 09:46) Samprat
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