I have two VirtualBox VMs running. Both are running CentOS.

The first VM has 4 NICs that are bonded to together. All four NICs are using Host-Only for their config. The second VM has one NIC that is set to use NAT.

Let me preface this by saying, I haven't setup any routes...

Why am I able to ping from second VM ( to the first VM ( successfully?

The routes for the second VM are as follows:

Destination   Gateway       Genmask       Flags     MSS        Window        irtt    Iface      *     U        0          0             0       eth0
link-local    *       U        0          0             0       eth0
default        UG       0.         0             0       eth0

Thanks for your help in advance!

asked 25 Apr '13, 17:53

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Check whether your NICs on the VMs set up in promiscous mode or set to deny connectivity from other VMs. Seems like yours is set up as the latter.


answered 16 Jul '13, 00:57

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Are you able to ssh or telnet to the second machine or only pinging I guess your local machine vm-adapter/network driver ip address was working as a default gateway check your vm-adapter ip and gateway address and let me if you are able to ssh or telnet.

Regards, Mahesh


answered 24 Jul '13, 02:02

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