I have been here before with mu eee pc. It finally went to crunchbang then died (it was old and abused). I now have a Chromebook. I love it, but it has limitations that require the use of my Aspire. I had the .exe virus on the One. I used Dban, good to go. I bought the actual installation disk for Mint 12/ Ubuntu. I bought a brand new external cd/dvd as my old one was chugging. So far so good. I insert Mint, boot order was already to cd load. I get kernel panic. Look it up. No big deal. I get three errors during load ( I do not remember what they were, but then the network loaded and the install carried on. Good. I get to the desktop, excellent. I can not find the icon or location of the internet to get to my browser (I am connected to my local network). I don't know enough to play around. I google answer. Found a wonderful tutorial that took me step by step. I followed the directions exactly to install a desktop. I sudo. I put in command. I sudo apt-get update. I get 15 "wicked" errors concerning repositories. OK. I put the Mint disk back in to re-load. Can't find system to load to. OK. I shut down, make sure the cd is plugged in and boot to rom. I get the first round to ready, great! Then boom black screen, I am still at black screen. I spent 2 months on the eee pc, and fried 7 gurus with my inability to understand the complexity of their excellent instructions. If you need more information please ask. I appreciate, in advance, any advice, suggestions, solutions, a hammer that you may provide. If this can not be fixed please say so. If I can not get this going soon, I will kill my neighbor. I like my neighbor.

( If I sound snotty or rude it is not intended. I value your knowledge and assistance but I am at the point of having a good cry, 4 gallons of ice cream and buying 20 pair of new shoes)

health and happiness to you and yours, xxfool

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Back again with further info: The actual error when installing up dates is: Could not download all repository indexes Failed to fetch Something Wicked happened resolving '' (-5 No address associated with hostname)

There are 5 more. I finally figured out to put in the live Ubuntu cd and a update download started automatically. The same errors appeared. I am going to reset my router, call and have my access point and password changed- will this help?


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Additional info (sorry about the pieces)

No iniramfs

No live media found- cd is in external - external is functioning perfectly


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I had similar problems with Linux Mint (Most Versions). Found two things to improve booting and freeze ups. 1. I had to boot boot boot before it would finally make it to the Desktop and Menu, When you do get a menu, change the screen resolution to something less, just choose a different resolution. 2. If you are using a mouse, turn off the keypad.

So, here's the deal, the resolution on my laptop was causing black screens on boot up. So changing the resolution got rid of the conflict and it booted up fine after making the change. The mouse/keypad conflict was caused by inadvertent triggering of the mouse and keypad simultaneously, causing the screens to lock up or the mouse to quit working. Bear in mind that these explanations are more of a guess than proven fact. I just know that they are working. (So far.)


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