The company expects at least 1 programming language, I'm aware of C but I'm not proficient. What kind of questions I can expect in technical round and which are the toughest programs in C that they may ask? Somebody please suggest me or send me some useful link. Thanx

asked 13 Jul '14, 15:46

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That question would be virtually impossible to answer without knowing what the company's needs are.

For information about programming, you might find some useful threads at


answered 16 Jul '14, 09:40

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Andy Alkaline
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Thax Andy for ur response. Actually the company expects me to prepare c & c++ for the technical written test n interview but I don't have so much time that I can read the whole c & c++ book. So is there anything in particular that I can prepare. Some link??


answered 16 Jul '14, 09:56

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Basic logic, algorithms and data structures. For C/C++ make sure you know pointers and for C++ have a good grasp of the C++ Standard Library.

Is the company looking for a junior/entry level developer? Why not get a job in mechanical engineering?


answered 16 Jul '14, 10:09

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