Coming from the StackExchange universe, I have two questions wrt LinuxExchange:

  • Can questions/answers be flagged for moderator attention?
  • Is there a LE Meta, or should generic questions like this one end up here?


asked 12 Aug '14, 06:00

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jeremy ♦♦

  • Yes, you can click "more->report" to bring something to the attention of a mod.
  • For now we are just using the meta tag, which I've added to this question for you.

answered 12 Aug '14, 11:18

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jeremy ♦♦
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Thanks. Is there a karma threshold when these tools become available? In SE they provide a list of privileges and thresholds when attained, but I couldn't find any such in LE.

(12 Aug '14, 12:00) landroni

The FAQ, which is linked from every page, does have a karma threshold list.

(12 Aug '14, 13:17) jeremy ♦♦

Well, yes, indeed it does. But then I'm confused. The FAQ karma thresholds say nothing about flagging posts, which would imply that all users should see this functionality. While in the interface that I see, I can only "link|award points" for posts that are not mine. So I'm not sure what's wrong..

(13 Aug '14, 02:26) landroni

At this time you can only flag at the question level. We'll look into adding the ability to flag comments and individual answers in the future.

(13 Aug '14, 10:12) jeremy ♦♦
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