I have recently upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 (64 bit) in a System 76 laptop. The CD drive will no longer mount or recognize any CD - music, DVD or blank. I have reloaded the codecs and libdvdcss libdvdread4 libdvdnav4. No luck.

If someone could help me with a step-by-step solution to this issue, I would appreciate it very much

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I have a similar issue on Ubuntu 14.04: for some reason Gnome-MPlayer, VLC won't recognize DVDs. I solved it by selecting a different CD device in VLC prefs. All these programs defaulted to /dev/dvd, but then complained. I changed the Disc device to /dev/sr0 in VLC, and now I can easily play DVDs.

If you use VLC, then try Media > Open Disc > Disc Device then experiment with the proposed devices in that list (or put in /dev/sr0).

Does this help?


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But did you choose /dev/sr0 and then hit the Play button?

(19 Aug '14, 13:09) landroni

I tried it. The drive does not recognize the disc.

(19 Aug '14, 13:23) Ardshiel

Hmm, but did you also try all of the other options in there? Here I also have /dev/cdrom, /dev/sg0, etc. And did you try with other discs, to avoid this being an issue related specifically to that disc?

(19 Aug '14, 13:29) landroni

I have tried multiple discs - audio and DVD. Every time I make a change away from sr0, for any of the disc choices, I start to get an error message and then vlc freezes up and I have to close it (force close) and then restart it.

(19 Aug '14, 14:37) Ardshiel

I'm not sure what is wrong, then. Please edit the original question to include info on exactly which disc device you are using and the exact error message that VLC spits out (if necessary start VLC from the command line).

(21 Aug '14, 04:41) landroni

solution is to install udftools. Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and then type:

$ sudo apt-get install udftools

See more at


answered 08 May '15, 07:05

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