I am not good at studies so I know that i will not get any good colleges and I cant clear iit exam. So I decided that after 12th I will do the basic course of web development. And I am too interested in this field. Because I know that this is the only thing I am interested in So tell me which city should I go to learn web development if my decision is right please guide me.

asked 20 Sep '14, 07:09

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Absolutely yes.

Grab some books from the library and learn about the structure of web pages. Editors and browsers are free. You can easily start programming. Start by just doing examples in the books. Use view source to look at pages on the web to see how they are created. Start with simple pages. It only takes an investment of time and curiosity to figure out web development. It takes a lot of practice to develop useful skills in order to get a job. However, if you put your mind to it, you can probably learn much faster and much cheaper than going to college.

I wish you luck. Back in 1995 that is how I started.


answered 04 Nov '14, 11:34

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It is very easy; you don’t need to go to any city. You can learn it from w3 tutorials online.


answered 07 Feb '15, 01:04

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Yes you can, and no you can't :).

You can learn from books - but what you miss is a lot of background infromation on WHY things are done (it is hard to ask a book a question), which tends to lead into making design failures. Some this changes so quickly that books can't keep up.

You also can miss out on "tricks-of-the-trade" that don't show up in books. Some of the other background information is the psychology of web pages - getting attention, pleasing layouts, what constitutes artistic design...

Programming background is particularly tricky - how to select good algorithms, how to analyze/design algorithms, how to recognize security failures... It isn't easy gaining that outside of a class, unless you create the mess, and have to clean it up yourself (managers don't like that as it wastes time).

The other advantage is that with the additional background you can more quickly adapt to the changing environments of web design.

College isn't the only way of course, there are also workshops that can cover background - their problem is that they tend to be focused on only specific topics, thus not providing a general background.


answered 04 Mar '15, 07:58

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Jesse Pollard
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I agree with Ronnyroll.


is one of the best places to learn the dynamics of web development and provides examples that can be tweaked by the student that aid in learning.


answered 14 Jul, 10:35

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