I want to run a headless git server in Virtualbox on a windows host. Which distribution would you recommend and why?

I need something with package management built in and I don't want to be compiling from source unless I have to.

Ideally, I'm looking for something really small that installs fast. I just need git running and probably a web server and ssh. Don't care about much else.

asked 10 May '10, 02:01

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For the most absolute optimized solution, you would be stuck customizing an OS of your choice. All distros will have git and ssh, your only pit fall with 'package management' would be dependency tracking if you don't want to think about it and not fully understand what you are doing.

I think your best out of the box solution would be Salix OS. If you do the full install, you will even have access to some gui tools for package management as well as full access to all the packages available on Slackware of the same version. This would include all the LAMP server stuff.

Not to worry about dependency tracking, Salix OS uses slapt-get that is liked to Slackware repositories that have dependency tracking.

Be warned. There is no 'gui' installer, only an Ncurses menu. AND if you want to do anything special, you will have to know what you are doing. This includes partitioning using the command line!


answered 10 May '10, 03:04

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Thanks. I tried it out, but found a better alternative - Crunchbang Linux. It has a very light UI and is based off Ubuntu with an emphasis on performance. Runs like a dream in VirtualBox

(10 May '10, 21:30) carleeto
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