After trying a few times and looking around on the Gravatar website (where they state that "Setting up Gravatars on your site is easy; you don't even need an account!") I am unable to choose a custom picture to use in my profile, unless I register with the Gravatar website first...!!??

asked 12 May '10, 11:40

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sorry, this obviously doesn't relate to Linux or Open Source, but I thought that many would have wanted to have an answer to this...

(12 May '10, 11:43) pmarini

If you have something related to a Stack Exchange site rather than its' content, then traditionally you use a "meta" tag so I retagged your post accordingly.

(12 May '10, 14:04) Amos

At this time you do need Gravatar to update your LE profile pic, although that may change in the future.



answered 12 May '10, 13:45

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jeremy ♦♦
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Hi Jeremy,

I too, have been very displeased with both the functionality and business model of Gravitar. As with many things, we adopt what we must, but I'm anxious for that email announcement from you stating that we can now upload our profile pics directly to LE ;)

Great job getting the site up and going too BTW!

Oh, when do we get signatures?

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 14 May '10, 21:39

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There are no plans to add signatures at this time.


(16 May '10, 19:22) jeremy ♦♦
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