Say, I have two Linux boxes - Box-1 and Box-2. Box-1 is not IPv6 supported Box while Box-2 is IPv6 supported(IPv6 address is assigned).Now if I try pinging IPv6 address from Box-1. Will it able to ping the Box2.

asked 15 Apr '10, 11:13

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(20 Apr '11, 13:44) rfelsburg ♦

No. Both machines need to be IPv6–enabled.

To ping all the IPv6–enabled machines on your network, you can use:

$ ping6 ff02::1%eth0

...where “eth0” is the name of the network adapter you want to ping on.


answered 24 Apr '10, 14:16

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Jeremy Visser
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to ping ipv6 destination You must have ipv6 on both ends ipv6 is not backwards compatible with ipv4 by design


answered 03 May '10, 10:18

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I think the answer is in your question.


answered 15 Apr '10, 12:27

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Really? It's not obvious to me, other than that if he tries it he'll know one way or the other (but we won't).

(28 Apr '10, 13:30) Amos

i hope the question is like this one machine has a ipv4 address and one has ipv6 address then can i ping the ipv6 machine from the ipv4 machine?????? RIGHT. please keep the question scenario atleast simple. use the ping6 command to ping an ipv6 machine from the ipv4 machine. if your dns works it will work fine.


answered 07 May '10, 14:09

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