I'm using ubuntu 9.10 w/ ndiswrapper as wireless driver. After each reboot I am forced to run the command 'sudo modprobe wl', however I am not certain what I lack that it is not detecting the wireless device automatically. I could certainly add some commands in the .profile shell script to run this automatically but I feel like there is a larger issue just under the surface which needs addressed.

Sometimes after lots of downloading the wireless connection seems to die, not that it looses connectivity via the gui or that disconnecting and reconnecting make any difference. To get a good wireless connection again I have to reboot the machine and re-enter 'sudo modprobe wl'.

Anyone have thoughts?

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Add module in question to /etc/modules so it is loaded at boot time. Other option is to add file with .conf to /etc/modprobe.d/ (see -> man modprobe.conf).
To avoid rebooting machine after connection dies try removing module with modprobe -r and load it again manually.


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I created a short script that sets my touchpad off and turns my wireless on. Simply create a launcher by right clicking in the panel and selecting add to panel and then selecting custom application launcher. Simply enter the command or commands you want on the command line; in your case 'sudo modprobe wl'. Create an Icon that you'll recognize and you are finished.

Any time you want to reset your wireless simply click the launcher.

You can also accomplish this on a one time system level by opening the Startup Applications in the Preferred menu and pressing Add - then simply add the command and give it a name. It will be issued each time you boot.

And finally, if you will right click on the wireless icon and select edit connections - move to the wireless tab and fill out the information for your connection, the computer will attempt that connection automatically.


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Wonderful answers; I will have to wait a few hours before I get home to try this out. Many thanks, will update after I verify (but looks like response #1 was exactly the explanation I was after).

Response #2; will use launcher to expand on maszynista's 'modprobe -r' suggestion.

Anyone have thoughts on the reason I am having to remove the module and reload? This is certainly a better workaround than a system reboot but I would like to ultimately drill down to the root cause and at least understand if not correct. I haven't came across this in my searching as a known issue... Thoughts?

(19 May '10, 22:23) techie.brandon
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