There are some sites such as stackoverflow and which show you can link the sites.

Can LinuxExchange be linked to these sites too?

asked 22 May '10, 16:51

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jeremy ♦♦

This probably needs retagging as meta.

(22 May '10, 20:39) Amos


(22 May '10, 21:18) jeremy ♦♦

I believe this is a "SE 2.0" feature, which means it will likely not be coming to LinuxExchange unfortunately.



answered 22 May '10, 17:53

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jeremy ♦♦
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Well Jeremy, then how about migrating to, and using a truly open source platform (Like OSQA - ) instead of the closed source Stack Exchange.

I mean, if you can't integrate the user accounts with superuser, server fault, and stack overflow anyway (which really kind of duplicate what's being done here - except by a proprietary corporate implementation).

If you drop Rick a line over at Dzone he should be able to help you tar everything up and migrate the data on over to OSQA,

Here's the link:

Stack Exchange has a reputation for its propiretary nature, and you have a reputation (via us Longtime LQ stalwarts and defenders of the faith), as an Open Source visionary and steward.

I must say I was more than a little surprised when you decided to use Stack Exchange, and so were many others. It was subject of more than a few discussions on Freenet.


answered 24 May '10, 23:24

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Rick has actually been kind enough to contact me. LE will be moving to an Open Source platform. OSQA is on the short list of alternatives that we're keeping a close eye on. Additional feedback is welcome.


(25 May '10, 15:23) jeremy ♦♦

That's fantastic news Jeremy :)

(31 May '10, 23:34) tallship

Well I'm so glad that OSQA was the winner on that Short List :)

Congrats Jeremy!!!

I just couldn't get into the groove with an LQ related activity being "hosted" in a closed source environment. I'm glad you and Rick were able to get it all worked out, up and running, and thanks for sending me the password reset too Jeremy!

We're all good to go now :)

Kindest regards,




answered 03 Apr '11, 16:52

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